ASDA Signage Application


ASDA have submitted an application – 14/00368/ADV for “Illuminated and Non-Illuminated Signage for Proposed Pick And Collect Canopy”. This application is delegated to council officers to decide- councillors don’t normally get involved. But if you have any comments, please let us know. You can view the application here.

Priory Chase Update !

priory ch

Yesterday we received the following update from an officer at County Highways:

I will be going to a meeting with Taylor Wimpey tomorrow to discuss the progress on site.
Outstanding items:
Drainage – waiting for confirmation contractors have undertaken remedial works.
Lighting – Some lighting faults still outstanding however most done.
Roundabout – the mini roundabout has further works to be done to improve on the current design
Parking restrictions – Our technical assistant has sent the (hopefully) final plan to internal departments for their agreement and has drawn up the documentation to allow us to go to a formal consultation on the restrictions…. If we get prompt replies we can hopefully request the consultation next week. Taylor Wimpey have previously agreed to undertake the works so hopefully this is still the case and will be confirmed tomorrow.
Signage and bollards – roundabout signage, cycle/footway signs and bollards in Temple Way to be fitted….
…. Taylor Wimpey seem to be prioritising this site now so hopefully it will all be resolved soon.

Asda Licensing Application

We’ve had a few people contact us about a licensing application from Asda in Priory Chase, Rayleigh. It is licensing application 12/00667/LAPREV and you can find it on the District Council website here.

The application is for :

Supply of Alcohol – Time period : Everyday, 06:00 to 00:00 (we assume this means until midnight)


Late Night Refreshments – Time period : Everyday, 23:00 to 00:00


As Ron is a member of the Licensing committee it wouldn’t be appropriate for us to write very much here. But – any thoughts from anyone?

28th October Update : here’s a photo of the notice outside Asda (click to enlarge)

Consultation On Priory Chase Parking Restrictions

Proposals from County Highways – click on the plan twice to enlarge it!

County Highways have contacted us today. They are sending out consultation letters to residents re parking restrictions in Priory Chase, Rayleigh:

South Area Office
1 Endeavour Drive
Festival Leisure Park
Essex SS14 3WF
Priory Chase
Rayleigh Date: 05 September 2012
Our Ref: DM/289/1/SGA
Your Ref:
Dear Owner/Occupier
I wish to advise you of our intention to proceed with the introduction of the above orders on Priory Chase. These are shown on the enclosed plan.
The waiting restrictions would prevent long term parking within Priory Chase to reduce congestion and improve turning movements into and out of the Asda car park and loading area. It is also intended to introduce School Keep Clear markings and waiting restrictions outside St.Nicolas Church of England Primary School to improve safety by preventing inappropriate parking on the roundabout and footways.
As this is the informal consultation stage we are asking you to raise any concerns with us so that we may consider these comments before the formal orders are publicised in the local press. Please note that although Priory Chase is currently private any formal Traffic Regulation Order introduced would become enforceable regardless of the status of the road.
I would ask that you send any comments that you may have to my email at or alternatively you may write to me at the above address. All comments should reach me within 21 days from the date of this letter.
Should you wish to discuss this matter further please do not hesitate to contact me at this office.
Yours faithfully

Susan Anker

We are grateful to County Highways for sending us a copy of the letter. If you want to look at the plan in detail, click twice on the picture ….

Some Of The New Planning Applications This Week – Feb 17th – EXTENDING THE AIRPORT TERMINAL

The latest list of new planning applications can be found on the District Council website here. It’s the list dated February 17th.

There’s quite a lot of medium sized or large applications this week:

Application for a mobile home that’s already there:

Parish: Ashingdon Parish Council Ward: Ashingdon And Canewdon
Retrospective Application for the Use of the Site for Siting of Mobile Home for Residential Use Including Retention of Hardstanding for Parking of Domestic Vehicles, Hardstanding Base for Mobile Home and Access Track.
Location: Land End Of Oakfield Road New Park Road Hockley

Four flats in Rayleigh (a similar application has already been passed here) :

Parish: Rayleigh Town Council Ward: Downhall And Rawreth
Amended Application to Demolish Existing Dwelling and Construct Two Storey Building with Rooms in Roofspace Comprising 4no. One Bedroomed Flats, Parking, Amenity Areas and Garden Shed
Location: 138 Down Hall Road Rayleigh Essex

A barn in Canewdon:

Parish: Canewdon Parish Council Ward: Ashingdon And Canewdon
Construct Barn to Contain 3 Stables and Feed/Tack Store
Location: Mill Hatch Lark Hill Road Canewdon

2 bungalows in Hawkwell:

Parish: Hawkwell Parish Council
Ward: Hawkwell North
Demolish Existing Dwelling and Construct 2No. 3-bed Detached Bungalows With Off-Street Parking
Location: 1 Clifton Road Ashingdon Essex

Change of use in Hockley from warehouse to “retail warehouse”:

Parish: Hockley Parish Council Ward: Hockley Central
Change of Use from Warehouse to Retail Warehouse Including New Front Facade, New External Staircase to Rear to Provide Access at First Floor Level.
Location: 27 Eldon Way Hockley Essex

Keep a temporary road at Southend Airport:

Parish: Rochford Parish Council
Ward: Rochford
Retention of the existing vehicular access off Southend Rd for emergency access (access having previously been constructed pursuant to a temporary planning permission), Retention of vehicular access track and retrospective permission to retain reprofiling and grading of site
Location: Land On The Eastern Side Of Southend Airport Rochford

Extend the airport terminal !

Parish: Rochford Parish Council Ward: Rochford
Extension Of Passenger Terminal Building; Configuration Of An Aircraft Parking Area For 5 Aircraft Stands; Passenger Walkways; And Associated Works
Location: London Southend Airport Southend Airport Rochford

Knock down a bungalow in Hullbridge , build a house:

Parish: Hullbridge Parish Council Ward: Hullbridge
Proposal: Demolish Existing Bungalow and Construct Detached Four Bedroomed House With Integral Garage. Widen Existing Vehicular Crossing.
Location: 37A Hilltop Avenue Hullbridge Hockley

Covered parking at the new flats in front of Asda:

Parish: Rayleigh Town Council Ward: Downhall And Rawreth
The installation of 3 double carport photovoltaic systems to provide covered car parking for the approved commercial/retail units.
Location: Land At Junction Of Rawreth Lane Priory Chase Rayleigh

Convert a pair of industrial buildings in Rayleigh into a home:

Parish: Rayleigh Town Council Ward: Wheatley
Proposal: Change of Use of Two Light Industrial Buildings to a Single Dwelling. Extend External Wall/Roof and Form Porch and Covered Parking Area 72 High Road Rayleigh Essex

Have we missed out anything that you think we should mentioned? If we have, please let us know.

A Couple Of New Planning Applications In Downhall

Remember the application for flats and 3 retail units in front of Asda in Rawreth Lane, Rayleigh?

There’s a new application in for what they call ‘non-material amendments’:

Parish: Rayleigh Town Council
Ward: Downhall And Rawreth

Application for Non-Material Amendments to Planning Approval 10/00021/FUL Comprising Revised Balconies, Window Sizes, Reduced Glazing to Stair Cores, French Doors Changed to Window, Flue to Retail Unit, Smoke Extract, Additional Roof Light, Revised Shop Entrance to Fixed Glazing, Removal of Fixed Planters to Roof Garden, Removal of Fence Partition to Roof Garden.
Grid Reference
Asda Priory Chase Rayleigh

There’s also an application at Lubards Farm:

Parish: Rayleigh Town Council
Ward: Downhall And Rawreth
Construct Steel Portal Frame Storage Building
Storage Yard At The Farmyard Lubards Lodge Farm Hullbridge Road

Come And Meet the Police At Asda Next Week – 1 PM Thursday

From the website

Beat Surgery at Asda
When: 28th April 2011, 1:00pm
Where: Asda Rawreth Lane Rayleigh
A local meeting where the public can come along and meet the local officers who work in the Rayleigh area to ask questions. If you would like to speak to an officer in confidence please call the mobile number to organise a suitable time and place.

Update On the Improvements To The No.3 Bus Route

First of all, you can download the new timetable here. (Thanks to Sean for pointing this out).

Secondly, we’ve had a reply from Regal’s Managing Director about where the buses that terminate at Asda will turn round:

“I’m sorry it has taken a bit of time to get back to you, We will be turning down past Asda on Priory Chase, this will be only on the terminating services which are 3 times a day Monday to Friday. You’re correct with regards to the roundabout but I will instruct the drivers to continue up the road to turn around outside the school.

We will keep this under review.”

Regal are clearly trying to respond in a positive way. Will turning round outside the school be better and safer?

The Labour Government Is Gone – But Local Conservatives Still Pressing On With All That Housing

The District Council has now produced a statement outlining how much housing development it wants to see in future years. You can download it here. (102kb).

A lot of residents hoped that when the previous Labour government left office, our Conservative council would listen to local voices.
They expected the Conservatives to reduce the amount of green belt that would be swallowed up .
We think they are going to feel very let down.

There is a lot in this statement to read.

But the key point is this – the Conservatives seem to be keeping all the development sites they has previously supported, and just stretching the building process out over a longer period. All of the green belt sites that residents have been trying to protect and the council wants to develop are still likely to be built on.

In fact the council is now proposing a very small INCREASE in the amount of houses to be built in the Green Belt – instead of 2785 units by 2025, there will be 2791 by the year 2031.

Of course , once land is taken out of the Green Belt, it’s very hard to protect it again. Wouldn’t it better to let future councillors – in 2025 – make decisions on what housing is needed then rather than have councillors and council officers try to guess things now 15 or 20 years in advance?

Why is our council so keen to press ahead with all this?


Coral Loses Appeal

Coral have lost their planning appeal for their ‘modern’ style scheme in front of Asda, in Priory Chase.

The District Council refused their application on two grounds. Firstly on its appearance and bulk, and secondly on the lack of amenity / garden space.

The planning inspector agreed with Coral about the appearance, but still refused permission because of the amenity space issue. She felt that the coucnil had been unreasonable in refusing it on the appearance issue, so instructed the council to pay part of Coral’s costs.

So what happens next? Well, the council have already given Coral approval for a mode traditional design with roof gardens , so we expect they will build that – it will have three small commercial units and 23 flats.