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Chris Black writes:

Over the past umpteen years we’ve concentrated on local stuff on onlineFOCUS. Certainly not world politics. But there’s a certain fellow in the news a lot these days and he’s been being mentioned in the comments here. This video, made by left–winger Michael Moore before the election, predicted that Trump would win and explains why. better than anything else I’ve seen. Moore voted for Hilary Clinton, but understood what a lot of Trump supporters felt.

WARNING: Bad language:

Hat-tip: www.outsidethebeltway.com

One Good Win For the Lib Dems – And One Astonishing Win.

You won’t find the national press mentioning this much, but the Lib Dems are running rampant in council by-elections.
Last Thursday we made two gains – we won a seat off the Conservatives in the South of England, and we won a seat off Labour in the North of England.

The southern seat was for Three River District Council in Hertfordshire, and was important because we have now won control of that council:

Gade Valley (Three Rivers) result:
LDEM: 60.9% (+24.0)
CON: 19.1% (-22.9)
LAB: 11.6% (-9.6)
UKIP: 6.7% (+6.7)
GRN: 1.8% (+1.8)

The northern seat was in Sunderland – and was an astonishing result. Last May we only got four per cent of the vote, this time we won:

Sandhill (Sunderland) result:
LDEM: 45.0% (+41.5)
LAB: 25.0% (-29.9)
UKIP: 18.7% (-7.2)
CON: 10.0% (-5.7)
GRN: 1.3% (+1.3)

Sunderland voted very strongly for Brexit in the referendum, but it was the Lib Dems who surged, not UKIP.

Well done to both teams of campaigners! Read more about it on Mark pack’s website here.


Could You Be Another Sarah Olney?

A year and a half ago Sarah Olney  wasn’t involved in politics. Sarah only joined the Lib Dems after the last general election, and last night she became our newest MP. As the Political Betting website comments here:

That’s a fantastic result for the yellows and a tragic result for Zac Goldsmith who, of course, was beaten in the London Mayoral race last May.

The seat has, of course, been LD territory in the past and the party has flung everything at it. This has been a huge campaign which I said at the start was an absolute must win for them.

The result cuts Theresa May’s majority by 2 to a theoretical 10.

There was much scepticism when the LDs produced vote projections in the past few days showing they were in the lead. Well these have been proved right.

The main point we’d like to say tonight is that there are plenty of potential Sarah Olneys in our area – we see them on the doorstep and we chat about issues with them over coffee.  They are  women – and men – who share our concerns about local, social and political issues but lead busy lives and haven’t found time yet to get involve with us “yellows”.

Our membership is already growing locally but hopefully last night’s result will encourage a few more people to think “I could do what Sarah Olney’s done….” You might not get into  parliament – but you could get into the council chamber , or to County Hall…

Hello Woodham – And, Er , Purleigh.

The District Council Website has a page here on the current review of parliamentary constituencies. There is a public consultation running until December 5th.

You can find the detailed proposals for our local constituencies here.

The main proposed changes for South East Essex are:

  • The three Wickford wards move from “Rayleigh and Wickford” constituency to “Basildon and Billericay”.
  • Two council wards in Pitsea will move into Castle Point.
  • Two Castle Point wards  (St James and Victoria) will move into Southend West
  • One ward -Ashingdon and Canewdon – will move from the old Rayleigh and Wickford Ward into Rochford and Southend West.
  • “Rayleigh and Wickford” constituency is losing Wickford but will have Bicknacre, Rettendon Runwell, two of the Hanningfields plus South Woodham. So it will be renamed “Rayleigh and  Woodham Ferrers “.
  • According to the proposals, “Rayleigh and Woodham Ferrers” will also gain one ward from Maldon – namely Purleigh.  We have to say this is a bit of a surprise, Woodham Ferrers has been part of a Rayleigh constituency before but a bit of Maldon hasn’t been part of the same constituency as Rayleigh since 1832.
  • These boundary changes are happening because the government is deliberating reducing the numbers of MPs in the UK, which doesn’t sound particularly democratic.  It seems a bad omen that the last time that a MP represented both Rayleigh and a part of Maldon, in 1832, he was the ludicrously named William Pole-Tylney-Long Wellesley ( yes he had a quadruple- barrelled name) and is  described by Wikipedia as “an Anglo-Irish Nobleman with a notoriously dissipated lifestyle”. This fellow has a good claim to be the worst Tory MP of all time. (Just read the Wikipedia article)
  • We also wonder whether Purleigh has much in common with Rayleigh, apart from similar names.

If you aren’t happy with these proposals, have a look at the Boundary Commision Report, at the end they give enough information on the number of voters in each council ward for you to make your own proposals. but constituencies have to have between 71031 and 78507 electors – without Purleigh, Rayleigh and Woodham Ferrers will fall short.


“Oh, Only Since I Was Two”

The Polls close at 10 pm this evening. A huge thanks to everyone who has voted for us!

The count starts at Clements Hall tomorrow morning, we will obviously write about it tomorrow, though the quickest news online is probably from the Evening Echo Twitter Feed.

It’s traditional for us to have a video on election days. So here’s something from the “West Wing” about wanting to serve. Blonde Republican Ainsley has been invited to the White House after she criticised the Democrats’ education policy on TV, and she gets an unexpected offer:


Last Minute Reminder

If you live in Downhall and Rawreth ward, we’d just like to remind you that you have <em>three</em> votes for the District Council, and we have three candidates – Chris Black, Ron Oatham and Chris Stanley.

Please give us all three of your votes:


<li>We are the most local team, and we all want to serve.</li>

<li>We need to win all 3 seats to guarantee a place for a Downhall and Rawreth councillor on the committee that deals with planning applications. That could be crucial.</li>

<li>Winning all 3 seats sends a message to the council that local people aren’t happy with the overdevelopment in our area and want improvements in infrastructure.</li>

<li>Winning all 3 seats gives you a united team of active local councillors that aren’t under the Tory whip.</li>


We are also hoping to get Ron, Chris Stanley and Bruce Smart elected to the Town Council for the “Sweyne Park” Town Council ward , and James Newport to the Town Council “Victoria ” ward.

Check Your Polling Station !

There’s an extraordinary meeting of the full District Council on January 12th. Its purpose? To confirm where the polling stations will be for the all-out elections on new ward boundaries in May. You can download the full list here.

If you see anything that seems odd or needs to be queried, please let us know – otherwise it could be a very short meeting!

A Good Night For Labour In Rochford

Labour won the Rochford Ward by-election last night – by just 4 votes!

Matthew Softly Labour 332
Michael Lucas-Gill Cons. 328
Nicholas Cooper UKIP 250
Dan Irlam Lib Dem 114
Labour Majority4

Labour GAIN from Conservative. The turnout was only 17.95%.

The share of the vote , compared with the last election last May, was as follows:

Labour 32.4%. Up by 3.2% on May
Conservative 32.0%. Down by 8.2%
UKIP 24.4%. Down by 6.2%
Lib Dem 11.1% Up by 11.1%

So congratulations to Mr Softly. This now means there are 2 Labour Councillors on RDC – they can now form their own group. Rochford has always bean the strongest ward for them in the district, represented in the past by such great figures as Maureen Vince and Charlie Stephenson. Also our commiserations to Mr Lucas-Gill, coming second by such a narrow margin in such very difficult circumstances.

As for us – we started this election campaign in Rochford with an eighteen year old inexperienced candidate, with no history of standing in the ward since about 2003 (we got 7% then). We finished it with a much more experienced, enthusiastic candidate who is getting very well known, attracting helpers and with a position just 218 votes behind the winner. There is much to look forward to at future elections around Rochford, as part of our campaigning to try to help in the local area.

To win in local elections you really need a big team of leafletters. If you can help Dan for future leaflet deliveries please let us know!

Election Day Tomorrow !

So the council by-election in Rochford Ward takes place tomorrow

Having a Lib Dem candidate standing here has been a pleasant surprise for some people – they”ve like the way we have concentrated on local issues and carried out our local survey. We think that’s what council work should be about, and we want the council to be open and more democratic – not just ruled by a cabinet.

We’re sorry if we didn’t call on everyone – it’s a big ward to canvass! But we made a big effort.

If you are a voter in the ward …. please vote for Dan Irlam.